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Frequently asked questions

Where does the Turmeric come from?

We source the turmeric from the Kerala region of India where they have been mastering the production of turmeric for over 4000 years. We only use turmeric which is steamed, not irradiated.

How much Turmeric is in the TurmeriX formula?

Well over 60% of our product is Turmeric.

What are the Ingredients in TurmeriX?

Turmeric, cinnamon, stevia leaf, coconut powder, black pepper, sodium bicarbonate, green tea, kelp, ascorbic acid, fennel, vanilla, aniseed, ginger, clove, cardamon.

Can you have TurmeriX if pregnant or breastfeeding?

The short answer is no. Seek advice from your trusted medical professional if you want to take TurmeriX during this time.

Is TurmeriX Organic?

We source the highest grade turmeric with the highest grade curcumin percentage possible; however, we do not have organic certification.

Is TurmeriX Gluten and Dairy Free, non-GMO and/or Vegan?

Yes, our product is 100% guaranteed to be vegan, dairy and gluten free, and non-GMO.

Where is TurmeriX Made?

Mixed and made in Melbourne, Australia with both imported and Australian ingredients.