Turmeric Powder NZ

2x TurmeriX 360g Tub (save $39)
2x TurmeriX 360g Tub (save $39)

2x TurmeriX 360g Tub (save $39)


Bulk Buy – 8 month supply = $0.72 per serving.

TurmeriX 360g Tub
TurmeriX 360g Tub

TurmeriX 360g Tub


Bulk Buy – 4 month supply = $0.86 per serving.

Experience the warming spice of TurmeriX

If you’re looking to incorporate the powerful benefits of turmeric into your life, then look no further than TurmeriX natural-based turmeric powder online. Our exclusive range of turmeric products have transformed our customers' lives by injecting vitality and energy into their day.

Packed with bioactive minerals, our powder has the potential to boost energy levels, lower inflammation and pain, while supporting a healthy immune system. Our NZ turmeric powder is proudly grown in Kerala, India and has a guaranteed curcumin level of at least 6%. As the perfect supplement to incorporate into your cooking, smoothies, teas and coffees, our NZ turmeric powder is your ticket to feeling great.

The benefits of a daily turmeric dose

Derived from the flowering roots of the Curcuma plant, turmeric is a vibrant yellow powder that has long been recognised by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as having antiviral, antibacterial and antiparasitic properties. Our unique NZ turmeric powder is a unique blended formula based on ancient remedies. Using natural and wholesome ingredients, we’ve incorporated a range of beneficial spices including cinnamon, coconut powder, black pepper, fennel, vanilla, aniseed, ginger, cloves and cardamom. A versatile addition to a range of recipes, you can add our NZ turmeric powder into your daily routine by combining it with our great ideas for healthy meals, teas and tonics — it even works as a mouthwash!

Discover the TurmeriX range 

You’ll find a diverse range of turmeric-based products at TurmeriX that make it easy to incorporate this power spice into your life. When life gets busy, our TurmeriX capsules allow you to get your daily dose of turmeric on the go. Simply take three capsules once or twice daily and start reaping the benefits of this ultra-convenient health supplement. 

For a tasty way to enjoy turmeric, try our delicious selection of chocolate bars, perfect as an afternoon snack or dessert treat. And if you’re looking to buy turmeric powder, our collection of New Zealand turmeric products online also features a range of consumption alternatives. You find excellent beauty and hygiene products like our luxurious hand creams and soaps that are great for sensitive skin. 

Buy turmeric powder online

At TurmeriX, we’re dedicated to helping our customers to understand the benefits of natural alternative products that may assist with relieving pain and discomfort within the body, associated with inflammation through our turmeric powder, online. Based in New Zealand, we make it easy to buy turmeric powder online that is guaranteed to deliver a safe and healthy dose of vitality along with a delicious flavour profile for your food. 

Our customers love giving us feedback on how our products have made an impact in their lives. If you have a story or experience you'd like to share, we’d love to hear from you — so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or if for whatever reason you feel like TurmeriX is not for you, we also provide a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Put your health first and explore our New Zealand turmeric powder online today!


What is turmeric powder good for?

Turmeric is a potent aromatic spice that is popular for a variety of different purposes. Commonly used to add delicious bold flavour to any meal, turmeric powder is also a great ingredient in hand creams, soaps, and other personal care products. 

How can I cook with turmeric powder?

As a bold and flavourful spice with plenty of health benefits, there is no reason not to add turmeric into your daily health routine. Great for including in your favourite dishes, turmeric powder can also be taken as a health supplement. We recommend adding a scoop of TurmeriX Fast Acting Soluble Turmeric Powder into your morning coffee, smoothie, or glass of water to start your day with an extra burst of natural energy.

Where can I buy turmeric powder in New Zealand?

TurmeriX is your number one source of high-quality turmeric powder in New Zealand. If you want to buy turmeric powder online, we offer efficient country-wide delivery options available for our entire collection of turmeric-based products. As firm believers in the many health benefits of turmeric powder, we love helping our customers feel their best with natural health supplements and foods infused with the delicious spicy taste of turmeric.