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TmX Factor Hand Cream 100ml
TmX Factor Hand Cream 100ml
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TmX Factor Hand Cream 100ml


Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, turmeric is an amazing ingredient in skin products such as hand cream. Not only does it revive your skin’s glow and lustre but turmeric hand cream also creates a gentle soothing sensation. If you’re looking for turmeric skin cream in New Zealand, look no further than our range at TurmeriX today.

The benefits of turmeric for your skin

Winter in New Zealand means cold nights, nippy winds and dry air. This is why your skin can often feel harsh, flaky and even itchy during these brutal months. But with the right turmeric hand cream in New Zealand, you can protect your skin from these conditions and have your skin looking hydrated and glowy in no time.

Containing a compound recognised for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties called curcumin, turmeric has various benefits for the skin. Whether you’re looking to fight acne, lighten dark spots, prevent wounds from getting infected or simply hydrate your skin in dry winter months, turmeric skin cream may be able to assist in these areas.

Our range of turmeric hand cream

With a curcumin level of at least 5% and no nut nor no gluten residue, TurmeriX turmeric hand cream in New Zealand may assist in fighting inflammation and promote healthy skin.

Grown in Kerala, India, each bottle of hand cream contains legitimate turmeric and no traces of Sudan Dye — ensuring our customers get only the best quality turmeric products to keep you healthy and happy. Enjoy the unique scent and soothing sensation of our turmeric skin cream as well as hydrated, soft hands every day of the year. 

The place to go to buy turmeric cream in New Zealand

A natural root most similar to ginger, turmeric is a health and wellness product with a deep yellow colour and a light earthy scent. At TurmeriX, we are committed to providing our customers with bio dynamically farmed turmeric powder and other products. From wellness capsules, infused soap, and lotions, our turmeric products may assist you live a more healthy life in a holistic and natural way. 

If you’re looking to buy turmeric cream in New Zealand, look no further than our range at TurmeriX. With single product and bundle options available at great prices, you can ensure you have enough turmeric hand cream to last you through winter and beyond. Enjoy convenient delivery of any of our products New Zealand-wide, with shipping organised through New Zealand Post.  

For more information about turmeric hand cream or any of our turmeric products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team online. We’d be happy to help you with any questions you may have.